Pagan and New Age communities place a great deal of importance on the practice of meditation.  The practice is central to multiple forms of magic and considered the corner-stone of many spiritual lifestyles.  I’ve practiced meditation of some sorts for over a decade now and while I’ve never been really good at it, I find the practice useful and very humorous.  I’ve often wondered what flows through the minds of various folks while they are meditating. So in the interest of disclosure here is a sample of thoughts which floated through my head during a session last week.  It is far from being spiritual but it is educational.

I sit in my apartment on a chilly Saturday night. I’ve spent the last few days mingling with people, drinking celebratory drinks, fixing flat tires, and learning to love this city again. Now I’m here doing all the adult things which must be done to make life function in this fabulously modern era. Laundry is a reflective moment apparently. So while getting some big boy chores done I thought about a few things.

– New jobs are full of possibilities, especially when you are made the job offer in a bar and forced to drink shots to celebrate.

– The important job pays less than the annoying one.

– I realize I’m the person I always wanted to be even if I don’t have all the toys to prove it to others.

 – Quirks of a plant-based diet # 4 : Veggie farts are more frequent but less damaging.

– I simply do not understand why so many of my exes demand we stay friends yet do nothing to maintain the friendship. You could try being happy for a guy.

 – The older I get the more liberal I become. I’m going to cause some hell as an old man.

– Angst is not a useful emotion… unless you were in the Smiths..

– Every worry of failure is matched by a worry about success.  

– Druidcast, tea, and perusing OccultCorpus make for a wonderful evening.

 – When I hear that my Exes are doing well I smile and wish them well. I then hate the randomly for a day or so.

– Vegans/veggies are more obsessed with meat than carnivores…looks at all the shit we eat to replace meat.

– I often look at these couples who are so serious in public and wonder if I’m simply immature or if they are just boring.

– I wonder how many folks who are confused, lost, and underemployed right now will look back at this time fo their lives and think ” I handled that, I can handle anything!”?

– Oh this economy has me all kinds of frazzled. sometimes I think the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off due to budgeting.

 – Everything is funny…and educational.

No secrets of the universe are present here, but I never thought they would be found in my apartment….I’ve yet to look under the bed though.  Feel free to share what pops into your mind .


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