Following the Sun bySharon LaBorde is a work of Contemporary Pagan scholarship,that attempts to explain Ancient Egyptian Religion to modern practitioners. It is not a professional academic work, but it does an excellent job balancing sources and opinions. Breaking the large topic into approachable chapters, LaBorde manages to describe Deities, rituals, styles of practice, language, and calendars with ease.  She even tosses in a few “how-tos” as well.

Description: Following the Sun is an contemporary Pagan publication which focuses on making the religious practices of Ancient Egypt available to modern practitioners. The title is states that this work is  ” Practical Guide to Egyptian Religion” and it delivers, offering a host of  material from the obligatory deity descriptions to “how to’s” on clothing, oils, recipes, and instruments.  What differs this work from the numerous other Contemporary Pagan Publications on the market?  Two things.  First LaBorde actually knows what she is writing about; her source material is based in modern Egpytology. Second, LaBorde’s work is not another WIcca 101 publication. Rather Following the Sun is more of a starting point for contemporary Kemetic Paganism.

Reactions:  This work is a valuable and go-to text in the study of Contemporary Kemeticism. Certainly an introductory text Following the Sun is useful for those seeking a grounded and factual foundation in Kemeticim.  I particularly enjoyed the background information on the differences between The various flavors on Kemetic Paganism and Wicca. Also very useful was the inclusion of the various festivals/holidays. I also found the instructions for making a sistrum a great addition, I never thought wreath hangers and washers could be musical, let alone magical.  Overall I loved this book.  It was the first text I picked up on the subject and it succeeded in keeping me interested to begin a practice myself. For more from Sharon LaBorde please check out her Youtube videos and her failry active forum.

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