Financial Sorcery by Jason Miller is a metaphysical work that aims to change the common perception of money as base and nonspiritual. Miller’s approach combines magical and mundane skill sets to guide the reader into getting their finances in order and increasing the finical and physical health.

Description: Financial Sorcery is an interesting beast.  On one hand it is a magical publication full of meditations, sigils, correspondences, and ritual instructions. On the other, it functions as a common sense financial guide book. While it does initially appear to be a self help book, a reader familiar with the occult will soon realize that Financial Sorcery is not a “get rich quick with magic!” book, but rather a manual for developing the skills necessary to be a fiscally stable mage.  The sections concerning magical workings are laid out very well, with detailed explanations for why Jupiter is the MAN when it comes to wealth work.The various chapters cover everything from how socioeconomic forced control magical identities, why emergency magic is a crutch, and  when to start investing….the answer is NOW!

Reactions: Finianial Sorcery is a no nonsense book.  It will make you feel stupid for not investing earlier and for every piss ant money candle you’ve ever done in your life. Miller treats you like an adult. He expects you to take responsibility for your own finances and refuses to listen to your excuses.  Beyond the very solid finical advice, Miller delivers some sweeping reform on how money should be treated magical.  Disposing of money/enlightenment dichotomy Miller encourages sorcerers to treat cash as a means for survival,  we all can’t live in sewers like Simon King of the Witches did. All in all this is a groundbreaking work…which really shouldn’t be all that groundbreaking.  It is honest and a must have for any practitioner who deals with the real world. . I stumbled upon this title as a regular listener to the OTO’s Thelema Now  podcast.  I highly encourage you to swing over there and check out Frater Puck’s interview with Jason Miller.

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