Recently I’ve returned to Sunny South Florida after four years in West Virginia, the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.  While I’m a native Floridian, I’m newly arrived after a few years of self-imposed exile.  Honestly I’m new to actually paying attention to the spirit-scape of my own home town. It is a weird feeling that has taken me nearly two months to put into something concrete enough to write. While this blog has mainly been for academic presentation, this shift in life has been large and I hope interesting enough to document. So for the next few weeks, or however long it takes me to get this out of my system, this blog will focus on what shift in location means to one Contemporary Pagan. I’ll be covering such topics as:

– A Land with no Seasons: The Role of Environment, Climate, and Place in Practice

– Witches in the Sun: Early Reactions to the South Florida Pagan Community

– What the Anoles Know: Lessons from South Florida Flora and Fauna.

– and a few personal anecdotes tossed in for good measure.

I hope you enjoy.

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