Maybe instead of being angry and wanting to harm the maliciously ignorant for being maliciously ignorant we should take a page from this guy. After that make it a point to correct the misinformation Fox News presented.
Fill your blogs, FB posts, conversations with your community with solid research and accurate information. Host community workshops. Write a book. Teach a class. Adopt a shelter dog.
DO something.
DO it and then stop talking about it. Stop the nasty habit Contemporary Paganism has with squabbling and bleeding from the ass over such petty little offenses. Thor, Wicker Tree, Black Death, Hansel & Gretel, and now this Fox nonsense.


“The word is getting around about the slurs against Pagans and Wiccans on Fox “News”. I’m writing Fox “News” and I encourage everyone to do the same. Yes, it’s likely they won’t care about the reaction by us as a minority, but that doesn’t mean we should remain silent. Most social changes come about from protests and from challenges to the status quo. Rarely does misinformation, distortion, and suppression go away on its own.

If you do choose to contact Fox, don’t be hostile. Instead point out the erroneous assessment of us by the Fox Team, and advise that a public apology is warranted. Here is a contact, and below the address is the letter I am sending.

President Roger Ailes
Fox News Channel
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
Phone: 888.369.4762
email: Comments@foxnews.com

Dear Mr. Ailes,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am the author of over 17 books on the topic of Wicca, Witchcraft, and contemporary Pagan themes. I was shocked to watch a recent Fox report in which the reporters mocked Wiccans and Pagans. I was also disappointed to see misinformation about Wiccans and Pagans being presented as facts. This type of juvenile behavior has no place in the professional arena.

The people who practice Wicca and Paganism take it very seriously and embrace it as a spiritual path. It is not, as the Fox reporter claims, a fellowship of nerds and lonely middle-aged woman living in small towns. The people who practice Wicca and Paganism include professional business women and men, authors, police officers, attorneys, medical doctors, therapists, firefighters, and military personnel, to name but a few occupations.

I hope you join me in realizing how insulting and uniformed the Fox reporters were, and how a public apology must be immediate on the part of Fox.

Raven Grimassi
Author & Lecturer ”

Thanks Mr. Grimassi. It is nice to see a prominent Pagan acting with professionalism and restraint.

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