Druid Life

What do you need when you’re starting out as a Druid? Robes? Tomes of archaic wisdom? A really good wand? A golden sickle? Here’s my suggested essential kit list.

1)      Clothes and footwear that allow you to be outside comfortably. If you are able to walk, then good walking shoes should probably be your priority investment as this will do most to help you get out and engage with the world.

2)      A detailed local map, for the not getting lost, and for finding sites of possible interest to visit.

3)      A notebook and pencil, a camera or whatever else you might use for your moments of insight, inspiration and bardic creativity.

4)      Something waterproof to sit on – this will help considerably if you get the urge to sit out and contemplate.

5)      A torch – if you are out at twilight it is very easy to get this…

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